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Out of Reach

Out of Reach - Carrie Arcos Hope…All throughout Out Of Reach by Carrie Arcos, we follow Rachel as she goes on a mission to find her older brother, Micah, who has left home and disappeared. Rachel lives with the guilt that she should have notified her parents of her concerns with Micah’s addiction to Meth. If she had said something sooner, maybe things wouldn’t have turned out the way they have.In Out of Reach, we follow loving sister Rachel and her brother’s friend, Tyler as they make their way to Ocean Beach to comb the streets and known hangouts in search of Micah. It’s after Rachel receives an anonymous email telling her that her brother is in serious trouble and that he’s delved deeper into the world of drugs where things may end up being worse for him.Determined to be the family hero and find her brother, Rachel and Tyler travel all over in hopes of finding some sort of clue as to Micah’s whereabouts. But how do you find someone who doesn’t want to be found.Out of Reach by Carrie Arcos provides the reader with a real insider look at what a family goes through when dealing with a family member’s addiction. It shows the different sides from the parents, to the siblings, right down to the friends. It was raw and spoke of things that are all too real for those who are going through it, and for those who aren’t aware that such a thing occurs out in the world all too often.It was heartbreaking to read how much guilt Rachel has pent up inside of her when coming to terms with her brother’s addiction. I found it so interesting to see where Tyler would take Rachel when searching for Micah. I totally can understand how Rachel would not even think twice when approaching people about the whereabouts of her brother, and it was interesting to see the flip side on that where caution is so needed in different situations they come across.I could easily picture the scene where Rachel and Micah’s mother is sitting at the kitchen table reminiscing over times gone by. When her baby boy was innocent and the dangers of Meth is not even in the picture. I could only imagine the inner turmoil that their father is going through, having to deal with a son who has lost his way, and how everyone is hoping and praying that he will find his way back.What I really enjoyed in Out of Reach was the interaction between Rachel and Tyler. Amidst the dark and dangerous road of drug abuse, the two of them were the refreshing light at the end of the tunnel and it was wonderful to bear witness to the relationship that was unfolding before my eyes with each passing page.I recommend this read to those who are curious about an inside glimpse in the lives of those affected by drug addiction, and for those who want to read a book that will leave a little something in your heart.