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Between: Crossroads Saga: 2

Between - Mary Ting Between by Mary Ting was an even better read than its predecessor, Crossroads! It was wonderful to swept back into the story of Claudia, Michael, and the world of Angels.Between dives into the story of how one of God’s first angels, Aliah, makes it his mission to get Claudia into his hands in order for him to break free from the Between, a placed described as the place between Heaven and Hell. In order for him to complete this mission, he sends out various demons out onto Earth to snag Claudia, doing whatever it takes.And let me just say, the various encounters that Claudia and her gang has with the different demons were very interesting to watch unfold. As in Crossroads, and as I’ve stated before, author Mary Ting’s ability to describe the fight scenes were addictive. The amount of descriptions involved in telling the story of these battles was done so well, and I once again found myself completely engrossed in the battle between good and evil, all for the special soul that Claudia has.If you thought that there were many twists and turns in Crossroads, you better prepare yourself for the multiple plot twists and turns in Between. It was a non-stop rollercoaster ride, with an ending that will literally break your heart.We are once again privileged to witness the love that Michael has for Claudia. I found him even more romantic in Crossroads, and really enjoyed how he embraced the human side in this installment. But Michael was not the only sexy angel who had my attention. Oh no dear readers, in Between, we get to see more of the uber sexy Austin. Ohhhh Austin. The bad boy that can only be tamed by Claudia. How lucky is this girl to have two extremely sexy angels vying for her attention.With all the smartassness of Austin, I really loved seeing his softer side, and seeing how his feelings for Claudia pour out in this book. And let’s not forget Devin. His sweet, fun, unforgettable character comes out again in full force. His various one liners and antics had me smiling like a dork, and wanting to have my own Devin as a best friend.Apart from being reintroduced to this special cast of characters, we are also meet some new characters. And among these new characters, we also meet someone from Michael’s past. Are you intrigued yet? The mash-up of old characters and new characters worked perfectly together, and the direction in which Mary Ting is steering the book has me on edge and anxious to see what will happen next!What do we have to look forward to in book 3? The introduction of blood demons, to which I understand to be vampires! Vampires and angels together in a story? Yes please! Love the way this is going!Fans of the first book, Crossroads and angel reads will fall in love with the story of Michael and Claudia. Definitely worth picking up, and I can’t wait to see what happens in book 3, Beyond.