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City of Bones: Mortal Instruments, Book 1

City of Bones - Cassandra Clare I came across these books right after I read Twilight. I was so in love with Edward Cullen at the time, that I didn't think I would be able to find another book/trilogy that would even come close. Boy, was I wrong. Honestly, I enjoyed these books so much! Probably even more than the Twilight Saga. The world that Cassandra Clare opens is a reader's dream come true. I thought that I would come across parts or chapters in the books that would've been just filler . . . no real need for them, only put in to make the book thicker (seriously!). I didn't find that at all in these books. Everything that Clare wrote had a reason. It flowed with her writing, and needed to be included. The twists and turns throughout the novel (and the series) were enough to keep the readers wanting more. Needing to know what Cassandra Clare could possibly come up with next to top the last shocker she threw at us.And then there's Jace . . . Yes, my love affair with Edward ended soon after. Jace was all I thought about. His "I don't care" attitude, his "not so knight in shining armor" ways, his blunt answers that leave you giggling out loud (honest! I caught myself doing it many times). I don't really don't think there is a woman alive who can resist his charm.This book/trilogy was bloody brilliant (cue the English acccent). I loved every page, every chapter, every word. If you love supernatural fantasy books, I recommend you pick these up, snuggle up in a blanket, and turn the lights down low. You're in for a treat! Cheers!My blogor here