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Earth & Sky (Earth & Sky #1) by Megan Crewe

Earth & Sky - Megan Crewe

Let me ask you this…What would you do if you somehow ended up with the ability to feel when something in the universe changed? Like something felt so very wrong… like the placement of a plant, or the placement of a sign or building felt off somehow? And you couldn’t quite figure out why?

For 17 year old Skylar, this is her reality. Still dealing with the disappearance of her brother, Skylar has these feelings where things in her life are just wrong, which in turn gives her these panic attacks, and where one of the only ways she can calm herself down is by counting by threes using beads she received from her brother all those years ago.

On a field trip to the court house, Skylar chances upon a cute, mysterious boy (Win) that may end up having the answers that she has been searching for. But she never thought that the reasons for her panic attacks had anything to do with aliens and their reasons for screwing around with the lives of humans on earth.

And because of her “special” ability, she may be the key that Win needs to solve the different puzzles left by his people; a puzzle that will reveal where a new piece of their technology that is needed to save earth. But in order to find these pieces, Win and Skylar must travel back through time while evading a constant alien threat looking to thwart their plans in saving earth.

Earth & Sky by Megan Crewe was a read that took me a bit of time to get into. I think it may have been the simple fact that the main character, Skylar, was selfish and stubborn (at times). I did, however, enjoy the character of Win. I liked his inquisitive nature when it came to humans and their ways, like how even the common cold fascinated him. I adored how much he wanted to protect Skylar, and how, regardless of how difficult the situation was, he always thought of her life first.

The scenes where both Skylar and Win were running for their lives were written well. They were chalk full of action, which kept my interest in the book.

I do wish that more information revolving around Win’s home planet was discussed. Bits and pieces were revealed throughout the novel, but I was craving more. I wanted to know more about the life out there, I wanted to find out more about the people. I wanted to know more about the scientists that decided to study earth and start messing with the timelines. Maybe the info was in the book, and I just missed it.

Overall, Earth & Sky by Megan Crewe was an interesting read that could have been great if more information was provided about the actual threat and more info on why Win and Skylar are being pursued, and other things (which I can’t reveal as it will totally spoil the ending). I would recommend this book to fans of YA time travel.

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