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Under My Skin

Under My Skin - Charles de Lint Basically, it’s a story about a bunch of teens from a town called Santa Feliz, who are turning into shape shifters known as Wildlings. What sort of shape shifters? Well, they can be bunnies, mice, otters…even mountain lions! So, not your average shape shifter story.Under My Skin pretty much revolves around the main characters Josh Saunders who learns that he is a Wildling and must learn to come to terms with this change. Not only that, but he must also try to survive and thwart an enemy who is capturing Wildlings who experiment on them, and don’t survive. He also must come to grip with a possibility that he is leader who will change the way life for Wildlings.The writing style of Charles de Lint is so captivating. He has successfully captured the way in which teens would speak, which made this book even more believable. The way in which he describes this world is very intriguing. I can totally picture myself in this world he’s created. I could almost smell the ocean, feel the sand between my toes…On the flip side, I could also see the vivid details of the different deaths described in the book, smell the blood and feel the pain.With that being said, I found that the story did take a while to get going, especially with Josh learning to deal with his Wildlings way, and there really wasn’t much action. I had a hard time trying to stay focused on the book, although the very first chapter did start off with a bang, and caught my attention early. Once the story did pick up and started to unfold, my attention was all about Under My Skin. It was full of action and suspense, and was written with so much emotion. The pages were just flying by, and the ending came all too soon. I personally wish that that pace I had experienced near the mid-end of the book had started earlier.If you are a fan of stories that have to do with shape shifters, then this book is definitely for you. Don’t hesitate in grabbing a copy for yourself!