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Halo (Halo Trilogy #1)

Halo - Alexandra Adornetto Let me just start off by saying that I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect from Halo. There were tons of questions racking my brain, from what I knew it was about Angels—but that was about it. I was so willing to read something! Anything! That I started Halo without even reading the synopsis. What was I going to find within its pages? A story about that shooter game (hardy ha-ha)? Romance that would have me tripping over my feet? Pure gold??? I will tell you that the romance did have me tripping over my feet and falling headfirst into a forbidden romance, but also a novel that I personally found unforgettable.This novel was something that was just so amazing! Sure the main character Bethany, Beth for short, did come off as a bit naïve, but she also seemed strong and powerful at the same time. Especially since she also managed to be one of the few angels who can develop emotions. I’m sure that I’ve forgotten to mention why Beth and her sister Ivy and her brother Gabriel were even sent down to our world.Well, it’s because our world is supposed to go caput. To say in simple terms and without spoilers *la smiley face*.However, Beth does end up breaking one major rule: She falls in love…with a human boy. Oh no! Beth ends up falling for her heartbroken classmate, Xavier who is at risk of finding out Beth’s secret identity as an angel. Am I going to tell you if they end up together or if he finds something out that he shouldn’t? Nope. Because that would ruin the experience for you. Yet I will tell you that Xavier is one of the most romantic and adorable male leads that I have (read?) seen. He did seem willing to go to hell and back for Beth (which I mean literally) and also seemed more than willing to make sacrifices for the two of them to be together.Yes the story had a fascinating antagonist, I do wish that he was introduced earlier in the story, as well as the main character Beth’s friends to be more…realistic. I honestly couldn’t figure out why Beth would want to be around girls so superficial, but they were entertaining at times and for that I give Beth a free pass. And after you’ve finished Halo you’ll be all set to read about the next path in Bethany’s journey in the sequel Hades (review coming).I would recommend this to somebody who is a fan of the angel genre (if that is the official name of the genre) as well as fans of Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick with the roles in reverse. Happy readings!