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Eve Eden vs. the Zombie Horde (Bedeviled 1) - Suz Korb I wasn't sure what to expect while reading Eve Eden vs. The Zombie Horde. At certain points in the novel, I would be drifting off into my own thoughts and then the next moment I would be racing to figure out what happens next! I know that for some, those types of novels is the best kind and if you are the “some” I previously spoke of, then this novel is most likely for you.From the start of the novel, when our main character, Eve Eden, is inside of a helicopter with her best friend Kimi, I loved the way I could easily imagine Eve freaking out because of being meters upon meters above the ground and knew that from that point on I would like the novel. Especially when author Suz Korb tossed us into the supernatural area of the novel when Kimi suggests doing a “spell” moments after Eve receives her golden artifact necklace. From that point on (after getting her necklace I mean) things begin to have major measures of… ridiculousness. Soon Eve’s locker goes missing, her necklace becomes an omen of danger and she ends up meeting the very creepy Vampire Boy who I just found disturbing.I know that some of you would be wondering: “Why would a Vampire be creepy? Aren’t they totally hot and sparkly?” (Or something along those lines). Honestly, I think the same thing as you. Minus the sparkling part. The only reason why this vamp was a total creep and turnoff to me personally was because of how he was so disturbingly introduced by feeding and feeding on Eve Eden. And then he ends up doing something very romantic afterwards. If that’s not creepy I don’t know what is anymore!After her encounter with the vampire and after the cute little pug, Thunderbug, saves Eve’s sorry butt, things began to rocket sky high *thumbs up*. Not only do Eve and Bubbles (yes her name is Bubbles, there’s also a character named Crystal Ball) encounter hulking abominations that end up throwing rocks at them, but they soon encounter bad guys like Eugene and the vicar. One of my few issues with the novel was that it took so long for the story to reach the climax and introduce us to the Zombie Horde portion of the novel. For most of it I was just thinking of the novel as Eve Eden but once the zombies got included my thirst for some undead introduction was sated.I personally found the novel amusing and mysterious. Mysterious mainly because of Lucy, the woman dressed in red who wants Eve’s necklace for reasons unknown. Not to mention the mystery of why Eve’s hair turns snow white. The best part is that the novel ends on a frightening note leaving you wondering what exactly happens next…