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Another Pan

Another Pan - Daniel Nayeri, Dina  Nayeri When I read Another Pan I was so excited because of the terms that Another Faust left off on. While at first, before I even read the synopsis and I had just been staring at (yet again) another beautiful cover, I was wondering why is was titled Another Pan. Pan? Pan?! As in frying pan?No... Pan as in Peter Pan! Like the Disney movie with the kid in green tights! Of course the Nayeri duo gave a new twist to the story of Peter Pan adding in a mix dark magic, romance and Egyptian history. I have to say that Another Pan didn't disappoint me, but I do wish it had that same flare that Another did. Perhaps it was because I simply hated reading things that came from John Darling's POV (Point of View and yes they kept the original names from the original story) because he seemed just so immature and I for one know that most teenagers are a bit more mature than the way he was portrayed (to me he sounded like a spoiled nine year old).Gladly the novel kept up at the same pace as it's predecessor Another Faust and gave us a new view on the dark governess Nicola Vileroy, I enjoyed being able to learn a bit more about who she really is and how she came to be such a dark and evil woman. However, I also found myself falling for Peter Pan (even though it took me such a long time to stop envisioning him as a red headed boy with tights and gapped teeth), the new R.A. At Marlowe school who is on a quest to create his immortal cocktail which, you guessed it, grants immortality. Did I forget that he also manages to capture the heart of Wendy Darling?The plot itself was intriguing and had me dying to keep on reading, I would end up biting my fingernails in worry as the group encountered a new trial in the labyrinth to obtain the strange “bone dust” that Peter needs to create his immortal cocktail. I know that I personally fell in love with the moment that the Darlings and Peter team came across the Book of Gates, how the old text held so many secrets and became a major key point in the plot itself.As for the characters, I feel like the novel really got into the personal needs of each characters, much like Another Faust. Wendy Darling seemed a lot more intent on taking care of the well being of her family while also trying to work out the kinks in her relationship with Peter which is both illegal and well...he's a bit too obsessed with immortality. Like I said with John Darling, he had the potential to be a really likeable character and at certain times he was, but half the time he seemed to whiny and like a snobby brat. As for Peter Pan, well he was perfect in almost every aspect and again like I said he was just a bit too obsessed with becoming an immortal.Still the novel did deliver and for that I'm glad. It had so many unexpected twists,romantic 'awww' moments and an ending that has you excited for the next and I believe final novel in the series (oh no!). Can't wait for Another Jekyll, Another Hyde and if you loved Another Faust you'll love it's sequel.