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Another Faust (Another, #1) - Daniel Nayeri,  Dina  Nayeri,  Katherine Kellgren I loved this book. Absolutely loved it! From the beautiful cover art, to the plot that was unfolding with every flip of a page, I loved this book. I was actually very curious prior to reading Another Faust to what exactly a 'Faust' is. So to the Wikipedia-mobile! Apparently, Faust is a German legend (I won't say any more because I don't want to risk any spoilers) and after finishing the novel you'll see all of the similarities that make Another Faust a great remake.When I first began reading, I will admit I was a bit of a skeptic (like I am almost all the time) but only because I was wondering why we were learning about events that took place five years previous to the events taking place in the story. Meaning, we got to see how all of the characters ended up meeting Madame Vileroy, their governess. I felt like each character was very three dimensional and really expressed the reasons why they had the abilities that Madame Vileroy gave them. From being able to stop time, to learning languages, to being beautiful beyond all belief, to controlling insects…each of the five main characters had special gifts that I found very interesting.I will also add that authors Daniel and Dina Nayeri had such a great and memorable writing style. There is one scene that I remember, and that I will always associate with Another Faust, is when Bicé froze time and wondered what would happen if she sprayed some Fabreeze, that if before doing so, would the water would appear like frozen crystals…one of my favorite. Probably the best part of the novel was how before every single chapter, you would end up reading a scene that took place in the past, all of which were haunting, and I would have to re-read it a few times so that I could find out exactly who is the protagonist was.Now to the exciting stuff: The Elite Marlowe School. Kinda sounds like something you would find on Gossip Girl right? Well despite it being a school where all the smart and pretty rich kids in New York go to…guess what? The characters in Another Faust end up going there as well and attempt to achieve their own personal goals- turned obsessions- using their dangerous abilities. All of the characters did have different goals. Daniel and Dina Nayeri did show the lengths that the characters would go through to get what they wanted, no matter what the cost.All in all, the novel was something that I definitely enjoyed and I'm glad that I came across it. From before the novel even started, with its hilarious dedication, to the opening sentence, and to the explosive ending, I can proudly say that this is one of the few novels that has managed to sate my hunger for a read that would give me everything I wanted and more.