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Crave - Melissa Darnell What made me really want to read this book were a couple of things: First – Pretty cover! Second – Romeo & Juliet type love story between witches and vampires… SOLD! Melissa Darnell has created a great world where the supernatural exist, and that love can conquer all. This was a pretty lengthy book, that had a few parts that seemed to just go in circles, and had some parts that I felt were rushed. But one you power through those parts, inside I found a touching story of forbidden love, and the lengths the characters go to be together. I will say that Darnell does a great job of building a solid group of characters that teens can relate too. What I did find a little difficult to grasp was that the main characters were as young as they were . I felt as though they were portrayed as being older than they were. Darnell does a phenomenal job of describing the animosity between the vampire clan and the witch clan. I did love the story development between Savannah and Tristan. Similar to any type of Romeo & Juliet story (aka Twilight), you get swept up into this tale of forbidden romance that you can’t help but hope that they will be able to be together in the end. Darnell adds a little bit of everything into her characters, that readers alike will really come to enjoy this book. For me, the better part of the book happened nearer to the end, where all the action begins. Darnell is able to capture the attention of readers with her use of suspense and plot twists. Those plot twists alone were what had me digging into the pages, needing to know what was going on, why was it happening, and why didn’t I see that coming! The depiction of Savannah’s non-existent father was pulling at my heart strings…big time…I have a soft spot for father/daughter moments, and the ones Darnell describes in the book made my heart go out to Savannah. I could honestly feel the pain and hurt in Savannah’s heart, when time and time again, she attempts to do something to the best of her abilities in hopes of capturing her father’s attention, and then to have it all crash down around her… I will admit, this book did have many literal laugh out loud moments. The quirky come backs, one liners, and even described facial expressions made me giggle like a school girl, and smirking along the way. And who didn’t want their own Tristan. I mean, come on! So sexy, so sweet…never ending devotion. *sigh* Darnell sure does know how to create a crush worthy male lead. This looks to be a promising series, and am looking forward to the next one. I recommend this to any fans of “forbidden romance”, and who are on the hunt for crush worthy leading men.