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Eternal (Tantalize Series #2)

Eternal - Cynthia Leitich Smith I had read this book a while ago, and decided to write this review as I am currently reading the "Diabolical" ARC, which is a kind of continuation to this book. I really enjoyed this book. It was so cute, and so romantic. Kind of like a .... gothic Romeo & Juliet (which is what sold me when it came to deciding whether or not to give this book a go). Who doesn't want to have their own Guardian Angel...even after death? Guardian Angel in love with a vampire. As if that concept doesn't just make you smile. Everything starts out like your typical teen book...lead girl has a rebelious bestfriend who guilts said girl into doing something like going to a cemetary and gets into some serious trouble. Enter sexy lead man aka Guardian Angel who must now make amends for his errors and save undead damsel in distress. Smith's writing style is so addictive that I read this book so quickly without realizing it, especially when the chapters flipped from Miranda to Zachary's point of view (which I loved!) I fell in love with all the characters, with the plot, and with the author. I will admit that the transition from human to vampire for Miranda, our female lead, was pretty quick. Like blink of an eye quick. It would have been nice to read more of her development as a new undead. To see what her thoughts were when she finds out she is now a vampire. To see how she struggled to accept what she has become. Instead, we are pretty thrust right into the thick of things and see how she lives as royalty, as if she were always a princess. I did love reading about Zachary's part in all of this, and how he losses his wings because he failed to protect Miranda when she was human, and then to read what he must do to redeem himself when the heaven's decide to give him a chance to earn them back. And everytime he called Miranda "my girl"... I awwww'd and smiled. So sweet! Other than that, the rest of the story progressed really well. The end was a bit of a surprise, but overall it was satisfying. I recommend this book to anyone who loves Romeo & Juliet type tragic love stories, and who are looking for a good, quick paranormal romance read. Eternal