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Blurred by Tara A. Fuller

Blurred - Tara A. Fuller

I remember reading author Tara Fuller’sInbetween and having absolutely adored it. Romance, grim reapers and past lives? Totally my cup of tea. I was looking forward to read the next novel Blurred and getting to see what would happen next to Emma, Finn and the cast of characters introduced in InbetweenHoweversince I went into this read completely blind I found myself a bit surprised that the story continues with different main characters than the ones used in Inbetween.Instead we get to hear the story of Cash, Emma’s best friend and the reaper Anaya.

               When Balthazar tells Anaya not to reap Cash’s soul for reasons unknown when he was supposed to die in a fire everything changes. Now Cash is surrounded by shadows that haunt him and terrorize him. When Anaya is told to watch over Cash’s and his expired body for when she will have to reap his soul for real, the two begin to feel attraction toward each other. Neither of them can understand why it feels so right and familiar when they are together, it just does.

               Then Cash begins to get visited by Noah who reveals just what Cash really is: a shadow walker. That fact alone leads into why Balthazar wants him, how he and Anaya have chemistry and why the shadows are chasing after him and his expired body. As time begins to run out for Cash, he and Anaya uncover the truth behind Balthazar’s orders, what abilities a shadow walker like Cash has and the forces that are trying to tear them apart.

               Personally, I enjoyed Blurred just a bit more than I did Inbetween(*holds fingers a centimeter apart*). Where Inbetween felt like you knew right from the start that Emma and Finn were going to end up together from the start,Blurred is the exact opposite. You don’t know what’s going to happen between Anaya and Cash. There’s so many emotions between the two of them, Anaya has to decide between what she knows is right and what she knows is wrong and all the while Cash is stuck having to wonder if what he feels for Anaya is true or… I can’t tell you because spoilers.

               I really liked seeing the POVs of Anaya and Cash. Mainly because I loved the way they are described when they are around each other. Fuller’s writing made the romance come to life and feel realistic. From the moment Cash first described Anaya as this beautiful reaper girl to when they have their first kiss—I totally shipped the two of them being together right from the start and up until the very last page. They’re relationship is one that I personally adored and it reinforces the soul mate concept.

               Blurred has very fast pacing which is awesome. I felt like every few chapters a new plot twist was thrown in to pose a challenge for Anaya and Cash, but it also kept me guessing up until the very end. Nearing the end of the novel I completely lost it and was shouting at the end of every chapter in protest as event after event occurred. By the time the novel reached its conclusion I needed to take a moment to accept the novel’s ending into my heart and deal with Cash and Anaya’s fate. Oh my feels.

               Readers who read Inbetween will definitely want to pick up the next novel in the Kissed by Death series. Fans of paranormal romance and supernatural thrillers are going to love this series. Readers who are looking for a good read or who just want a novel that will inspire emotion in them will definitely enjoy reading these reads.

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