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Becoming Rain by K.A. Tucker

Becoming Rain - K.A. Tucker

You know, I have not yet been disappointed by any of K.A. Tucker’s books. All of them manage to suck you into this storyline that you can’t help but want to get lost in. I love that there are strong female characters who can take care of themselves, regardless of the obstacles that lie ahead. And Clara Bertelli (aka Rain) is not an exception. For one thing, she’s a young undercover cop who can kick butt. She’s smart, driven, and sassy. I really enjoyed her character. She has her eyes set on getting on with the FBI, and when an opportunity presented itself, she doesn’t hesitate to get on it. Her case? To get close to one, Luke Boone, who the cops are sure is part of an illegal car ring. They are hoping that Clara’s womanly ways will loosen his lips, and give them the dirt needed to shut them down, and make the needed arrests.

Not only are her female leads unforgettable, but the male counterpart is totally and completely swoon worthy. If you read the first book in this series, Burying Water, you get a slight glimpse of the character Luke Boone. Becoming Rain is all about this sexy, rich, Russian hottie (I can’t remember if he’s full Russian). Luke has been waiting and waiting and waiting for his Uncle to finally pass the business down to him, and mayhaps gain some respect from the guys in the garage. But his Uncle is slower on the pass off then he was hoping.

When Rain pulls into the garage with car problems, Luke is hooked. But playing it cool is his way, and he seems to enjoy the fact that this rich girl has her eyes set on him. But there’s something about Rain that he can’t get out of his head, and soon he becomes the one doing the chasing…and Rain is enjoying every minute of it. Maybe too much? How far will she go, and what will she sacrifice to get the information needed to close the case and look good in the eyes of the FBI? Luke does not trust anyone. Will Rain be the one that changes the game for him?

As in Burying Water, Becoming Rain is a darker read than the Ten Tiny Breaths series and was such a great read. I’ve always wanted to read something where the undercover cop falls for the criminal that she is scoping out, or vice-versa, and this one certainly did not disappoint.

From beginning to end, the story of Luke and Clara is one that readers will fall in love with. My heart broke for both Luke and Clara (during different parts), and my heart sang with happiness in other parts. K.A. Tucker’s stories do exactly that, over and over again. It’s a no brainer why I keep coming back for more, and scramble to get the next book she has written.

There’s something about the characters in her books that seem to stay with you well after the last page. Like, the next book that you attempt to read just can’t compare, and you go into a bookish hangover for a bit.

If you haven’t read anything K.A. Tucker has written, I suggest you get on it stat. You can definitely read Becoming Rain as a standalone, but the fun for me is watching characters from the other books in the series make their appearances. Fans of reads involving crime mafias and falling in love when you least expect it will adore Becoming Rain by K.A. Tucker.

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