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Finding Paris by Joy Preble

Finding Paris - Joy Preble

Let me start off by saying that Finding Paris by Joy Preble was not at all what I thought it was going to be.  In all honesty, I was a little annoyed by the Hollings sisters.  I just couldn’t connect with them, and the insta-trust theme in the book was bothering me to the point of frustration.  BUT…but…the twist at the end was not something I saw coming at all.  I mean, the idea of it was not even a flicker in my radar, and it’s because of this that Finding Paris by Joy Preble moved up some notches.

The story basically follows sisters Leo and Paris Hollings.  Leo and Paris have pretty much only had each other to rely on.  With a mother who I wanted to smack in the face because of her lack of parenting, and more of a selfish bitch who toted these poor girls around like luggage.  After being moved around, their mother finds love in the arms of a man who seems to have a bit of a gambling addiction…and they all move to Las Vegas (great idea…).

After being woken up by her sister after a night of studying, Paris is in need of pie therapy due to a breakup.  And it’s at this pie place (aka Paris’ workplace) that Leo meets Max Sullivan.  A guy who appears to have a passion for physics, like her.  A guy whom she can’t help but feel an attraction to.  And the guy who plays a key role in everything that is Finding Paris.  Getting ready to leave, Paris tells Leo to stay put and keep talking to Max while she runs to the car to get her wallet.  But seconds turn to minutes, and Paris has not come back.  Wondering what the heck is taking her sister so long, Leo goes out to find that Paris’ car is gone, and Paris is nowhere to be seen.

After finding a hidden clue meant for Leo’s eyes only, Paris takes Leo and Max on a wild scavenger hunt all over Las Vegas.  Little does Leo know that Paris has her own hidden agenda…one that will shock the crap out of you.  And Max?  Well, he’s not so innocent either.  With dark secrets and hidden demons in his closet, the truth will either bring Leo and Max closer, or drive them in completely opposite directions.

At the end of the day, I did enjoy reading Finding Paris by Joy Pebles.  There were parts that did drag for me, and parts where I was beginning to lose interest, but in the end, I was absolutely, 100% glad that I finished reading this one.

As I had mentioned earlier in this review, the plot twist in the end is what did it for me, secured my positive thoughts on this book.  This story has mostly everything that a reader would enjoy; mystery, intrigue, potential love, disappointment, drama…but for me it was slow dragging and certain parts annoyed me.  I know it was all part of the grand scheme of things, but until I found out the reasoning for it I was annoyed.  For example, going around Las Vegas (and beyond) with a boy you just met in a restaurant by offering him a piece of pie.  The non-existent mother who doesn’t really seem to give a crap about her girls, even after the twist in the end (grrrrrrrr).  The flighty sister who is wasting Leo’s time by making her drive all over to “find” her (all makes sense in the end though, but was annoying me until the reasoning is explained).

Fans of great plot twists will enjoy reading Finding Paris by Joy Peble.  If you’re looking for a contemporary read that really shows the connection and love between sisters, I wouldn’t hesitate to read this one.

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