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Placid Girl by Brenna Ehrlich

Placid Girl - Brenna Ehrlich

With all the different ways to meet people via social networking sites, how do you know that the avatar or pic used to portray someone is actually them? Have you ever seen the movie/documentary Catfish, or the MTV television show with the same name? Placid by Brenna Ehrlich is like that.

Main character, Hallie, is an aspiring drummer in a punk band, created with her best friend Sarah. Where Sarah is the “in your face” “not at all shy” lead singer, Hallie is the shy, introvert drummer that lives in the shadows.

But things change when Hallie is noticed at their latest gig. Never mind that Hallie was actually noticed, but that the “someone” could possibly be her idol, Haze, the lead singer of her favorite band.

Slowly, Hallie starts to build an online “relationship” with this person whom she believes (hopes) is Haze. When pictures start to get exchanged, Hallie starts to believe that something “real” is building between her and this person.

But things start to get even more complicated when Hallie catches wind that Haze will be performing a concert, his first in years. A concert that causes her, Sarah, and new friend Steve, to go on a road trip that none of them will ever forget.

Did Placid Girl by Brenna Ehrlich give me the heebie-jeebies? Hellz ya. In a time where everything is going digital, including dating, there is the possibility that the person you are meeting is not who they say they are? I mean sure, there are fantasies that what if the person you are conversing with is actually the movie star/musician that you are hardcore crushing on? Throw in a vulnerable person who just wants to be noticed or loved or whatever, and you have a recipe for disaster.

I read Placid Girl by Brenna Ehrlich in one sitting. I couldn’t tear myself away! I had to know who this person was that Hallie was starting to fall for. I needed to know how crazy the crazy could get!

The characters were all loveable in their own way, and all with their own story. I couldn’t help but get caught up in Steve’s life! I could feel his desperation seeping off the pages, and I wanted to reach out and rescue him. My feelings for Sarah were all over the place, but in the end, I adored her for who she is. And Hallie…the girl with the big heart…How could I not enjoy her character as well!

With the story unfolding before your eyes, to the back stories that slowly come to light, Placid Girl by Brenna Ehrlich has a little something for everyone. I wouldn’t hesitate in grabbing a copy and experiencing this roller coaster ride of a read.

Source: http://www.chapter-by-chapter.com/review-placid-girl-by-brenna-ehrlich-and-interview