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To the Fifth Power by Shirin Dubbin

To the Fifth Power (Powers, #1) - Shirin Dubbin

With the whole big hubba baloo with superheroes right now, I felt that I just HAD to read To the Fifth Power by Shirin Dubbin.  A superhero gone into retirement now being hunted by three escaped mega-villains?  Sounded pretty awesomesauce to me.

Zola Noite was once the most sought after superhero around, until she was forced to witness the death of her sidekick, which in turn, sent her from numero uno to numero zero.  Leaving the world of crime fighting behind, Zola has been seeing psychologist, Dr. Forte (aka Fort), who has helped her out of her climb out of her dark hole, and rejoin the living.

But when three of mega-villan’s escape the very institute that Fort works at, their main objective seems to be destroying Zola.  But how does Fort play into all of this?  And will Zola be able to overcome the darkness that has seeped into her very soul, and defeat these villain’s before they destroy her.

Although there were elements in this book that kept my attention, there was just something missing.  With only being just over 100 pages, the pacing was a little quick, with short glimpses into the character(s)’ background.  At times, I felt as though the story was a bit rushed, and as an epic fight scene would ensue, just as my interest was peaking, it was over all too soon.

The characters in To the Fifth by Shirin Dubbin were ones that readers will easily enjoy, but again, the lack of character background left them a little hollow.  I felt like we were offered just a taste of, what could have been, some pretty epic fight scenes.  There is a very sexy-time scene in the book, which would make this suitable for a more mature audience.  But again, that scene seemed to have happened in a blink of an eye.

Don’t get me wrong!  To the Fifth was enjoyable, it was just very quick.  More like a movie preview, rather than the full length movie.  I would recommend this read to fans of superhero reads, and are into reads that have intriguing plot twists.

Source: http://www.chapter-by-chapter.com/mini-review-of-to-the-fifth-power-by-shirin-dubbin