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Revelations (The Elysium Chronicles #2) by J.A. Souders

Revelations - J.A. Souders

When I first read Renegade by author J.A. Souders I remember being hooked right from the start. The characters had taken a hold of my heart, my emotions had been torn apart and the thrilling, action-filled race from the underground city Elysium had me dying to read what would happen next to characters Evie and Gavin. So, when I got to read Revelations I was over the moon. Finally I would get to find out what would happen next between Gavin and Evie and see the outcome of their escape from Elysium and to the Surface.

Since her escape to the Surface, Evelyn Winters a.k.a. Evie has spent the last six weeks with barely any of her memories. She barely has any idea where or why she is on the Surface and is trying to adapt to the new society around her. The only person she has to give her a sense of who she used to be is Gavin Hunter who loves her more than anything. Finally, Evie can start things over but it doesn’t take long for her to discover that she doesn’t fit in on the Surface.

However when Evie begins to have violent fits involving her memories from being an Enforcer she finds herself leaving for a trip with Asher and Gavin, Evie heads on a search to find a way to reclaim her memories. Heading out into the Outlands what Evie learns is that her search may lead her to her memories but also lead her to places she doesn’t want to go. The same place that she and Gavin fought so hard to escape: Elysium.

Finally! Finally we get to see the world Gavin is from and the Surface and learn all of its mysterious ways! Revelations is all about the Surface and Evie’s discoveries of who she is and what her purpose is. What I love, love, loved about Revelations was finally getting to learn what happened on the Surface and find out about the war that ravaged the world and forced Elysium into existence. It’s in Revelations where we learn where Mother’s lies came from and get to see more backstories. Including Mother’s.

What I remember from Renegade was being in love with the relationship between Gavin and Evie. They were both always so cute and romantic and… ugh, perfect. I loved getting to see them again and getting to see the price of their relationship slowly get raised. Before they were facing Mother and her Enforcer’s now they’re facing the dangers that come with the Surface but they’re facing it together. For the most part.

Revelations does tie up a lot of loose ends from Renegade and also leaves some crazy plot twists that just leave your head reeling. My only real problem with the novel this time is what I loved so much about Renegade and that is pacing. For me personally, I felt that the pacing in Revelations wasn’t as fast as it was in Renegade and would reach low points that left my mind wandering off and bored. Which was somewhat disappointing since I was looking forward to more action/romance/fast-pace thrills like what came in Renegade. Apart from that though the novel was stellar.

I would recommend the Elysium Chronicles to readers who are looking for a sci-fi/dystopia that is bursting at the seams with amazing romance, readers who are big fans of forbidden romances and star-crossed lovers and to fans of the first novel (like myself) who just cannot wait to find out what will happen next to the characters introduced in Renegade. Super excited to find out what will happen next in this series!

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