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The Boyfriend App by Katie Sise

The Boyfriend App - Katie Sise

The premise for The Boyfriend App by author Katie Sise was interesting and definitely sounded like an interesting read that I needed to get my hands on. From start to finish I found myself cracking smiles at hilarious scenes, my heart melting when romance got involved and satisfied with the novel by the time I reached the end. The Boyfriend App is unlike anything I have ever read before, a great read.

After her father’s death and the transformation of her ex-best friend Blake, teenager Audrey McCarthy has gone through enough in life and just wants high school to be over and behind her. Smarter than your average high schooler and just a tad geeky, an opportunity arises for Audrey in the form of a contest. The contest? A high schooler has to create the best app and win the two hundred thousand dollar prize.

Suddenly Audrey is caught up in inventing an app that will change everything, the possibilities of what two hundred thousand dollars can do for her is overwhelming and so, Audrey produces the Boyfriend App. The Boyfriend App—an app that can take the information from a girl or boy’s survey and create a match made in heaven. The app’s success goes through the roof, leaving Audrey the talk of her school and stealing kisses from her school’s hottest boys. As the Boyfriend App grows in popularity Audrey also begins to wonder if it will do for her what it has done for so many others: find her true love.

Right from the opening scene I knew that The Boyfriend App wouldn’t be like every other teen fic novel that I’ve read in the past. Audrey isn’t the overused beautiful high school girl who, after a makeover or something, is suddenly stunning and stealing hearts left and right and overcoming conflicts like they aren’t even there. Audrey is a realistic teenage girl who feels real for the most part. She isn’t conceited, she has a crush that she isn’t positive she’ll get and her character really comes to life. Audrey deals with the things that most teen girl shave to go through and on top of that she’s super smart and creates an app that completely changes her life. (Living the life. Sorta.).

Readers are going to be pulled in by Sise’s writing style. There are so many scenes that can be hilarious and leave me smiling like an idiot at the characters dialogue and actions and then at the same time there are moments where things would get a very serious tone and I would feel whatever Audrey was feeling. Apart from that the way that app designing was described was pretty cool considering that as a reader I knew absolutely nothing about it, pretty insightful and easy to understand (i.e. I wasn’t left thinking “What did I just read?”). There’s one thing that really sticks out for me personally on how The Boyfriend App was written and it involves a lot of internet/social media use and website URLs and the like, but what I found really interesting is that when a URL was used it had the full code. All the slashes and letters and stuff, which just added to the realism.

There were a few things in The Boyfriend App that confused me but it was more because I actually gave some things some thought. I was confused about how TBA 2.0 worked. I mean really confused and readers who read it and readers who have already finished and read The Boyfriend App might understand my confusion. To keep this spoiler free I’ll just say that there were some things that I wish could have been explained on a more scientific aspect, just because without a real explanation TBA 2.0 took away from the general realism in the novel.

I would recommend The Boyfriend App to readers who are big fans of teen fiction, readers who want a unique story that will keep them thinking about it long after they finish. Anybody who wants a teenage female protagonist who isn’t the typical beauty queen who has every laid out for her are going to love Audrey. The Boyfriend App is worth a read.

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