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Racing Savannah (Hundred Oaks #4) by Miranda Kenneally

Racing Savannah - Miranda Kenneally

A rich boy … the girl who works for him at his stable … an unforgettable story that will warm your heart.  Oh yea, I went there.  Racing Savannah by Miranda Kenneally is another great book in her Hundred Oaks series.  Not only does it include a sweet coming of age story, it also brings the reader deeper into the world of horse racing and shows just how big a deal it is for females.  Apparently, they’re pretty rare, and Savannah will stop at nothing to make her dreams come true.

Moving to the Goodwin estate should be a good thing.  Better opportunities for both her and her father.  Make some money to help out with a new baby brother on the way.  Perhaps move her way up at the Goodwin stables.  But nothing prepared her for this:  Jack Goodwin, son and heir to the Goodwin fortune and becoming a female Jockey.

But the ever present rule of “thou shalt not date the bosses son”, Savannah can’t fight her attraction to Jack.  But the dreaded question of whether Jack feels the same connection that Savannah feels is always on her mind.  If Jack will do whatever it takes to make his father proud, including dating someone that he feels absolutely no attraction to, can Savannah be even sure that Jack’s intentions are true?  Or is he using Savannah in order for him to win a race…

Feel good books make me smile.  And yes, when I turned the last page of Racing Savannah by Miranda Keneally, I totally had a smile on my face.  You do not have to read the other books in this series to completely enjoy this book (as is the same with the other Hundred Oaks books).

Do past characters make an appearance?  Yes…and no.  It seems Racing Savannah is a little ways into the future, where past characters are beyond the high school/early college emotional life situations.  I guess I was so committed to the story line of Savannah and Jack, that the actually reappearance of past characters totally flew way over my head…until I finally had the ahh ha (!) moment.  Yes, yes…shame on me.

Needless to say, Racing Savannah by Miranda Kenneally is a great addition to the Hundred Oaks series.  Fans of a star-crossed lovers type reads, with a dash of horses and horse racing action, will really enjoy reading this book.

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